A Challenge To Myself

I want to ad images to my blog posts. I have hundreds of old images that I have been drawing on frequently, but now I want to add some new ones.

Historic find

Okinawa 75 years ago

Pacific Paratrooper

Front page of Stars and Stripes, 22 May 1945


Stars and Stripes presents these archive reports as they were written by the reporters in the field. The graphic and politically incorrect language used may be offensive to some readers.

Editor’s Note: A fortnight ago Bill Land, one of our battlefront reporters, learned that he was a father. Back to us by radio came this story of Oki’s orphans. Unable to go home to see his own daughter in Baton Rouge, La., Bill let himself go on Oki’s orphans – being left to die by the Sons of Heaven. But the GIs wouldn’t let the kids die… 

Front page, 15 May 1945

OKINAWA – Here’s a story you could call “The Children’s Hour.” Ever since I got that radio about my new baby daughter I’ve had in mind writing a…

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Trumbull – Dear Lewis And Clark (2) – Mother’s Day and Grandma’s Birthday – May 12, 1939

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

This is the rest of the letter I posted yesterday from Grandpa to Lad and Dan, both in Venezuela.

The films you sent Ced will use in producing some prints with his Christmas gift.  I will mail magazines occasionally which I hope will reach you without too much delay.  One more thought and then I will get on to the general news.  You speak of the cost of sending airmail letters.  Of course, it is difficult for you to imagine how eagerly we all await your letters, you and Dan, and how empty the week seems when we do not hear from you boys.  I suppose you feel the same way about our letters from home.  However I cannot afford airmail postage as compared with regular rates – – ration of 3 to 25, so while the letters arrived later they arrived just as regularly once a week.  I don’t…

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