Trumbull – Dear Alumni – Lad Home and Winterizing – September 27, 1942

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

With Lad and Dan able to get home frequently, Ced is the only one receiving regular letters at this point, although Lad and Dan are probably receiving their own copies also.

Ced @ 1945

Cedric Duryee Guion

Trumbull, Conn., Sept. 27, 1942

Dear Alumni:

‘Tis one of those heavy dull days, damp within and without, that seem to permeate into one’s brain cells and arouse enough enthusiasm to induce a nap. The only event to lift one temporarily out of the state of sluggishness was having Lad home with us again for Sunday dinner, he having hitchhiked from Aberdeen and surprisingly, making the trip in less time than he would by train on an overall basis. He reports having driven his car down last Sunday without mishap of any sort. Tires held up and gas held out. He will probably sell it if he gets an attractive offer or is transferred to California…

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“Voices from Vietnam” by: Kayleen Reusser / Review

Pacific Paratrooper

‘Voices from Vietnam’ by: Kayleen Reusser


by:  Kayleen Reusser


Vietnam was the 10-year “Police Action” that developed and escalated in my generation’s  youth.  We saw casualty lists in the newspapers increasing daily.  Here in Kayleen Reusser’s book are interviews with the troops that managed to survive the horror that was the Vietnam War.

Keyleen Reusser

In this book, a background story is given for each contributor, their branch of military, method of service and then, what they experienced.  But the pains of war did not stop with their return home.  These gallant people told Kayleen of what they ran into upon returning to the United States.  The events, such as protesters, and name calling, are embarrassing, disheartening and downright disappointing to know how the people of this country were behaving toward these troops.

Despite the home front’s utter fear of the draft and disapproval of the…

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A 20 Year Plan for Alaska

Wickersham's Conscience

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline in upper Black Rapids Canyon, looking north

One of WC’s readers noted that while WC has heavily and frequently criticized Alaska’s fossil fuel-driven economy, there has been no suggestion of an alternative. WC, the reader suggests, should offer some constructive criticism for once.

Okay. Here’s a 20 year plan to rebuild Alaska’s economy. It’s not going to please everybody – it likely won’t please anybody – but it is specific, constructive and realistic. And it’s not a coincidence that this post comes the day after WC’s blog post on the feedback effects accelerating climate change in the arctic and subarctic.


No new oil or gas leases
The State of Alaska should not itself issue any new oil or gas leases. The state should, in the interests of minimizing catastrophic climate change, bar private citizens, tribes, businesses and everyone else from issuing new oil or gas…

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Something Over Tea

I have devoted several posts lately to the beautiful display of indigenous yellow flowers that have brightened the veld this spring. These are gradually losing their lustre and are being replaced by a variety of cream, creamy-white or white flowers. This is what the open veld on the edge of town looked like on my walk on Friday morning.

Here is a closer view of these splashes of white.

A different variety of creamy flowers form much thicker clumps further along the road.

A closer view of them reveals some unexpected colour.

Then there are some trees that stand out thanks to their creamy flowers bobbing in the wind.

These too look beautiful from close-up.

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Return of Bird of the Week: Heerman’s Gull

Wickersham's Conscience

Herman’s Gull Adult, Breeding Plumage, San Diego Bay

It’s a remarkably handsome gull, with a white head and a delicate light gray neck and chest, shading to a darker gray on the wings and back. The tail is slate gray, with a narrow white terminal band. A red bill, with a black tip, graced by a tiny bit of yellow on the very tip, and black legs, the Herman’s Gull is definitely an eye catcher. In flight, the wings show a lovely white trailing margin. Of course, it’s also a bully, with inclinations to a kleptoparasitic lifestyle, but you have to admit it’s handsome.

The Heerman’s Gull is a West Coast specialist. It breeds almost exclusively on a handful of desert islands in the middle of the Gulf of California, but after breeding disperses along the Pacific Coast from southern British Columbia to Guatemala in Central America. It regularly forages…

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