Trumbull – Guion Christmas Card – 1959 – A Trip to Africa

This is an amazing “take” on Africa in 1959 – just 4 years before my own Africa journey began.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

ADG - 1956 or 1957 Christmas Card - Africa - coverADG - 1956 or 1957 Christmas Card - Africa Trip - inside cover

(On preceding page is a view of Pretoria looking westward through one of the arches of the government buildings)

Inherent in Christmas is the spirit of goodwill.

It prompts the sending of greeting cards to those who we especially cherish. It disregards all color lines and geographical boundaries. It underlies our whole Christian faith.

So, now that I have returned from a visit to Africa – – Cairo to Cape Town – – I want to emphasize that in no place in this world where it has been so far my privilege to visit, have I found so great a manifestation of “goodwill toward men” as in East Africa, the Rhodesians and the Union of South Africa. It abundantly manifests itself at slightest opportunity in courtesy, sincerity, honesty and cheery on selfishness. “White Africa’s” Christmas spirit, prevalent here the year ’round, is an outstanding memory I bring back from my…

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Thursday Doors, 31/5/18: Capalbio

Mexi Movie the Third

Not only my parents, we hosted another travelling couple. Capalbio provided the doors and the view.

One of the visitors is a photographer and enjoyed the narrow streets and hidden corners of Capalbio, the town on the hill above us. No matter how often I go up there, there is always something new to capture. The arches are certainly not new but some flowers could be. Either that or you will have forgotten by now that you have seen a door or two already, just in different light, right down to the last mystery: there is glass but all it is protecting is brick wall. Waitaminute! Must be one of them damn Instagram corners. :p

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

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Thursday Doors, 13/12/18: Capalbio 2

Mexi Movie the Third

Capalbio is the town on the hill in Maremma closest to me and these are some of its doors.

I often bring visitors here because it’s a charming old town, so it’s small wonder that during our a bit more than just a bloggers’ meeting in late September this is where we concluded our last day together.

By we I mean I and no other than Norm himself, the host of the Thursday Doors challenge of many years.

At the end of the gallery you will find two photos that he took for which, as for his many other acts of goodness, including running this challenge, I wish to thank him profusely.

This town gave me a previous Thursday doorscursion and chances are I will go there again. If not for other, for the splendid green door with the view in the golden hour, featured above, which spells Tuscany for me…

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Northern Flicker

Spotted on my deck a couple of days ago!  At last, I’ve been eager for my favorite bird to make an appearance.

Northern Flicker  (not my photo, alas)


Yellingrosa's Weblog

With this card I like to wish all of you Happy Xmas and thank you for the year 2014.

Please don’t make any changes to this card. Use it as it is.

To this card you are allowed to add your own wishes.

I am publishing this blog post in good time if any of you likes to use my free Xmas cards this year. You can watch the video I uploaded to YouTube last Christmas. There I show how you can add your own greetings to image with free PhotoScape Photo Editor. You can also make cards smaller with the editor. It works on Windows and Mac. You’ll find the video here. My cards are free for private use only.

Please watch the slide show below in order to see my other free Xmas Cards. You can download them from my Picasa Folder:

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Free Xmas Card 2018

Merry Christmas to all my Facebook friends.

Yellingrosa's Weblog

I know that Christmas isn’t behind the corner. I publish my card now so that you have time to send this card to your family members and friends if you wish.

Merry Xmas 01 2018

Please use the card below to your wishes.


The video shows to you how you can add the picture to your email message.

The music on the video: Duo Forelli’s “Keskustelu motellissa” (The Conversation in the Motel). I played in early 90th with Aarre Hakomäki.

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Trumbull – Guion Christmas Card – 1954 – PASSPORT

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

ADG - 1954 Christmas Card - Passport - coverADG - 1954 Christmas Card - Passport - page 1-2


Emerging from Europe’s Dark Ages, Charlemagne’s death marked the emergence of the French and German nations. Here, at first, petty principalities for self-defense against marauding Norsemen, Huns, Tartars and other barbarous hordes, were headed by Duke, count, Bishop or Baron.

One such was an ancestor, Jean Guyon, created Baron in 1289, who from his big stone castle erected on top of Roche-Guyon, still overlooks the surrounding country through which the stately Seine winds its way northwest of Paris to the sea.

From this vantage point these early overlords kept a watchful eye over their subjects, protecting them from armed robber bands and acting as chief of police, judge, patron of church and monastery, and generally maintaining peace and order throughout their small domain.


As the centuries rolled by there gradually developed in Western Europe and ever growing battle between Church and State with the “common people” in between, exploited by both.

In France, a bitter…

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Special Picture # 296 – Christmas Dinner at the Trumbull House – All Together at Last – December, 1947

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

Finally, everyone is home from the war. Dan, Paulette and baby Arla arrived in late December, 1946. These are the pictures I have from the first Christmas Dinner when all the family is together. Arla is now a year and a half and has been joined by a little brother, Cedric. My twin brother Douglas and I are 6 weeks younger than Arla and have been joined by a baby brother also. His name is Gregory. Dave has married Eleanor Kintop. Other family members present include Aunt Helen (Peabody) Human, Aunt Anne (Peabody) Stanley and Aunt Dorothy Peabody.

Clockwise from center bottom: Baby Cedric, Paulette (Senechal) Guion, Aunt Helen (Peabody) Human, Elizabeth (Biss) (Guion) Zabel, Aunt Dorothy Peabody,Dave Guion, Eleanor (Kintop) Guion,) Raymond (Butch) Zabel, Jr., Marty Zabel, Cedric Duryee Guion.

Clockwise from left: Daniel Beck Guion, Cedric Duryee Guion, Raymond (Zeke) Zabel, Aunt Anne (Peabody) Stanley, empty chair…

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