Waiting for the Hospital Bed

Will it come? When will it come? Will it come at all??

YES. It came – in fact it was there all the time and nobody realized.

Anyhow now it is all set up and functioning well. Comfort all around!

In the past few days there has been a cascade of people coming to tell me this and that. Of course one contradicting the other and so on.

And here I sit just calmly spinning away

Waiting Time

Don’t you love waiting in for a repair man to come or a delivery of some sort——-and then nothing happens. No repairs, no deliveries. Such was the case yesterday (Friday April 22). I was waiting delivery of a hospital bed for my husband. I had had conflicting messages regarding the delivery – and also conflicting instructions regarding what to do to be ready for THE DELIVERY.

Around 12:30 a delivery man came with the wheelchair, as promised. Then he went away. I thought he was just going out to his van to get the bed. Time passed. Maybe the delivery man was eating his lunch. ………..Then I thought he must be on his way back to his company headquarters to get the missing bed. (Incidentally traffic was quite disrupted yesterday with President Biden’s visit ). Time passed. By late afternoon I was beginning to feel rather angry and neglected. I started make inquiries. Oh said one staff member – I’ll go find out for you. Time passed. Said staff member never returned.

I chose another staff member. She did return with the information that the bed was going to be delivered that evening at 9 p.m. Hmm. The next morning the men would return to assemble the bed. Well o.k. That schedule at least had “firm” information. I was semi-satisfied.


Even better, the bed was delivered last night at 7 p.m. BUT the bed was left in the hall, unassembled.

Two senior members of staff discussed the next step.

I called my son – he said oh no that plan is all wrong – or words to that effect.

Well here we are the next afternoon. This morning I personally pushed furniture around and out the door and have cleared space for our double bed to be moved and there is now plenty of space for the assembly and placement of the new hospital bed.. Not a word from the staff nor the assembly man, if there is such a being.

My husband is sleeping comfortably t(so far) through the whole wretched business. And of course the unassembled hospital bed is still out in the hallway. This is Saturday afternoon.

………to be continued

S – Seascape!


A to Z Challenge – Nature and I

Just sitting by the shore, watching the endless sea, conjures up so many emotions in me.

The slothful seas,

slumbering waves yawn,

ebbing gently onto the shore,

pacific tides humming soft lullabies.


The enraged sea,

swollen with ire,

thunderous rumbles lash out,

the undulating waters pulsate a tempestuous crescendo.

Their enigmatic depths have always been a source of inspiration, awe and fear to some extent. It is as if there is a world of secrets buried beneath their depths. Its ever-changing persona is the only constant. Each current, tide and wave scripts a change in its core, while outwardly it appears to be the same.

No man can step into the same river twice, as it is not the same river and he is not the same man – Heraclitus

Like the sea, experiences, environment and people influence us in many…

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