Ancestor Count Update

As regular readers of this blog know, I am very keen on genealogy and am trying to extend my family tree as far as possible.  The number of identified ancestors is now 17,481.


photo from 1945, in my backyard in Belmont Mass, it’s springtime – the lilac bush in the background is in bloom

3 generations – my great aunt, my mother and her 2 sisters, me and some of my cousins

  photo of my maternal grandmother and 2 of her daughters (in Minneapolis 1912)


I just finished……

I just finished printing a 78 page document that I have been working on for a long time.  It still needs some editing/tinkering but I’m basically ready to move on to the next stage.  I want to input the information to Excel and then do some sorting into different categories. These are my 300+ immigrant ancestors by name, birth and death dates and location, generation, marriage, arrival date and place, miscellaneous information.

img_4922 Page 1

Annotated List Of Immigrant Ancestors

Louise Maria Austin, age 20  Is she on the list??

I have listed approximately 350 ancestors (every ancestor I can find) who immigrated to North America.  The vast majority came in the Great Migration 1620-1640.  Most came to New England – Boston and surrounding area, and New Haven Connecticut. A few came to New York.  And a few came to Virginia.

They range from being 6th to 10th Great Grandparents.  The vast majority came from England.