Day 14 – They Went To Ascot

(This was a particularly interesting day for me to read about.  For all the times I’ve traveled to London, I’ve never been to Ascot.)

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Photos from Google images

(It was quite a day.  I have been to London and other parts of England many times but never to Ascot.)

They took the bus to King’s Cross Station But somehow went the wrong way and had quite a tour of London.  They reached Ascot about 11:30.  My mother writes that they sat on the front seat of a charabanc opposite the box of the King and Queen,  She thinks the dresses were too much like garden party frocks.  The Royal party drove up the course at 1 o’clock in an open carriage.  The King and Queen looked just like their pictures.  Other people arrived in coach and four.

The races started at 1:30 and ran every half hour until 5 o’clock.  Beautiful horses.

Came back to London and had dinner at The Rendezvous in Soho


Ascot 1954  (photo from the Guardian)

Day 1 of European Trip


June 9  Saturday    Boston    (1934)

IMG_5400This is the first entry in my mother’s diary of her trip.  The day starts out with quite ordinary things.  She finished her packing after lunch.  Someone named George came at 6 p.m. and took her to Old France.  She danced, had a cocktail, and after a little trouble (unspecified) they got to the boat there in Boston at 8:10.  She lists the people who came to see them off.  And then she writes “After waving + waving sailed about ten”.  Then she notes the various gifts from friends, including roses from George.  She and Aunt Libby watched the lights of Boston as they sailed away.

There is another curious item about this entry in the diary.  She mentions  candy from Aunt Lena.  Lena is one of her father’s half sisters.  There is a family mystery about my grandfather’s half siblings.  This stirs me to dig a bit further to try to solve it.