Day 35 – Final Day in Bournemouth Friday July 13th 1934

They went for a long bicycle ride in the morning.  They rode along the East Cliff – about the same as the West.  They went through towns and rode for miles through woods filled with rhododendron.  They went through Christchurch and then to Ringwood – no trees just moors.  Heather everywhere.  Lunch in Ringwood.  When they got back they went down to the beach where she “made an easy pick-up” – Stewart Plantagenet Bishop, a commercial traveler.  He and his pal were fast workers.  They had a silly time fooling around.  My mother writes that it was very good that they were going to France that evening for the boys/men were too fast for Lib and herself.

After dinner they took the train to Southampton and left on the boat to France at 11;15 p.m.

bournemouth map              christchurch town

Christchurch town

Christchumap 2 ringwood            Ringwood          Fridays_Cross,

Ringwood town

Day 33 – Bournemouth

B Beach    A day spent at the beach, swimming and diving and getting a float and paddling.  They met 2 boys from the South End of London.  A break for lunch then back to the beach where they stayed until 6.  After dinner they met the boys on the pier.  Went to the Pavilion and saw White Horse Inn – a pretty and colorful musical show.  Smoked inside.  Both of them got badly sunburned.


Day 32 – Bournemouth

They had bicycles delivered to them at their hotel and then rode to West Bournemouth.  After lunch at their hotel they bicycled to Sandbanks  Tea at the hotel and then to the beach for a good swim and a walk.  In the evening they sat on the pier for a while  and walked around the town.  Sounds festive – music, people going to the movies, games of shuffleboard, a band concert, a Pavilion orchestra.


Day 31 -London to Bournemouth

A man from American Express came for them and took them to Waterloo Station.  They were seated in the dining car for the ride to Bournemouth where they took a taxi to their hotel.  They went swimming right away and stayed on the crowded beach from four to six.  They went down in the lift from which one has a very scary view.  The beach is quite long and the cliffs are quite high, steep, and white.

For dinner they had pigeon for meat.


bournemouth changing

bournemouth map