Books Read – February 2022

  1. The King Makers Daughter by Phillipa Gregory
  2. Gone to Idaho by Enid Haag. (the cover is really not related to the plot, and the book is riddled with annoying errors that should have been caught by the proofreader)
  3. Gone to War by Enid Haag (cover picture doesn’t seem like my image of the heroine Emma, as in the previous book there are numerous grammatical and spelling errors, it makes me wonder about Enid’s education)
  4. A Long Petal of the Sea by IsabelAllende
  5. If I live To Be 100, Lessons from the Centenarians by Neenah Ellis
  6. Crane Pond, A Novel of Salem by Richard Francis
  7. The Divers Clothes Lie Empty by Vendela Vida
  8. The Fortnight in September by R. C. Sherriff
  9. The Color of Air by Gail Tsukiyama
  10. Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin
  11. Good Morning, Midnight by Jean Rhys
  12. The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory
My book – it’s time for an update

Please pray for the Ukrainian president

So brave. He stands with his people. A LEADER.

Gangleri's Grove

His last communication with European leaders stated that it might be the very last time he talked to them. Putin has basically put a bounty on his head. Ukrainian President Zelensky doesn’t have any military training. He was a professional comedian before running for president and yet he is showing terrifying courage in the face of the assault on Kyiv. He has donned fatigues along with leading members of his cabinet and has taken up arms with those fighting the street to defend his nation. Today, he refused American offers to evacuate him, preferring to stay to fight for his nation and his people. THIS is a president. #Standwithukraine

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky

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Fluid and Flexible

The Chatter Blog

Poetry isn’t always clear.  Or all-encompassing.  It may reflect a moment, or a period, of time in anyone’s life.  Or it may be an observation, of the writer, of their perception of being witness to someone else’s experience.  I will write something (like the above) and then re-read it years later (like now) and feel something different then when I wrote it.  It still fits or applies, but for different reasons.  I like that about art.  Whether it be a written art form, painting, drawing, music… is fluid and flexible with emotions.


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Zebras in High Heels

I am writing this as a follow up to my choice of a photo for my blog post 2 days ago. I wrote the blog and then searched my files for a suitable photo. My photo filles do not necessarily tell me where the specific photo came from. I chose a nice sharp photo for my post, really just to brighten up the scene. A nice photo of a zebra and kind of a twist to think of a zebra in high heels. Now thanks to one of my favorite readers, Anne in South Africa, I can attribute the photo to its rightful owner – thank you Anne in South Africa. And just to remind you of her excellent photography here is another shot.

Zebra in South Africa – photo by Anne ______
Magnificent horns – photo by Anne__________


Aah I mourn the loss of my mug collection. (Due to downsizing)

Something Over Tea

The mystery of these mugs from my archives is why they were photographed in the first place. I suspect that because drinking tea or coffee can be a sociable activity, I wished to share with my scattered family what I was doing at the time. I grew up using a cup and saucer for hot drinks, but soon found that mugs were a lot easier to use and so now only tend to bring out the cups for special occasions. [Note from the pandemic: what are those?].

The first mug holds my morning coffee enjoyed early in the morning in our garden. I like thin mugs and this particular one is rather special as it reminds me of my granddaughters. The giraffe is beautifully depicted – they count among my favourite animals in the wild. Almost out of the frame is a tiny block of cheese put on the tray…

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