I came across a photo of these little squares – designs that I did some years ago – maybe when we were in Ghana over 30 years ago. I was at a bit of a loss with all that heat and there I was with a lot of wool. So I just “doodled” these squares. Never did anything more with them. I’m happy to see the photo. Maybe I’ll do something yet given some rug canvas and lots of yarn. The stash never seems to get smaller.

Playing cards made history

Pacific Paratrooper

Playing cards to pass the time

War can be hell… and war can be absolute boredom.  There are few better ways to pass the time than by playing cards.  They’re easy to carry: small and lightweight, they fit into a rucksack, duffel bag or Alice pack without having to sacrifice any piece of essential gear.

Plus – they’re cheap!

Wartime decks have been used to help soldiers in the field learn about their enemies and allies, to identify aircraft and even teach American history.  In the 2003 invasion of Iraq, American forces used playing cards to identify the most wanted members of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

The U.S. Army and the United States Playing Card Company cooperation goes way back.  But it was their brand Bicycle that took it to a whole new level.

During WWII, Allied Intelligence officers contacted the card company to produce the most clandestine deck of cards…

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Italy, Pick-Ups And Smart Phones

A little bit of then and now.


We bought a house in North Carolina a few years ago after moving from Italy where we had lived for some years. Being new to the area, we timidly explored our new surroundings in our first few months in an attempt to learn about our new community. We visited our new local supermarket, Ingles, and talked with some of the locals. One young girl stood out as our newest of contacts. We explained that we had just moved to North Carolina from Italy. With a totally amazed look on her face, she exclaimed, “You moved to North Carolina from Italy? What’s the matter? People only move to this town to die!” Ouch! Had we made a wrong decision? The mortician probably thought not.

Some months later, we were busy buying furniture for our new home, We ventured down to South Carolina in an attempt to find a few new items…

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Battle With The Bugs

Off and on for about a month I have been troubled by the odd and occasional bug bite. My reactions have been dramatic. In one case my cheek was so swollen that the doctor who I was seeing for an unrelated reason, was giving me all sorts of instructions for a possible emergency visit to ER. I was very puzzled. Why was he talking about an ER visit – my appointment with him was about something quite routine. Why was he so worried? That was the morning after the bite on my cheek and my face was quite distorted!

When I have actually seen bugs here in the apartment they have made me think of fruit flies.

I have bites on my right leg and they sort of feel like this. Itchy! I’m glad I managed to get some anti-itch creme. Now I’m trying to get some bug spray!

Another Weaver

The person in the apartment next to ours put up woven tapestries outside her door. I spoke with her yesterday and she told me about her 8 shaft Norwegian loom. Bingo! I told her about 10 shaft Swedish loom. This really is exciting. I can’t wit to share more.

Some of my weaving
I wove the curtains and the rug – the cat watched
Here I am weaving on my Glimakra loom