We’re all Quackers!

Peter's pondering

I waved to the duck, but she didn’t wave back.

I said “how ya doin’?” the duck didn’t quack.

I started to leave, saying “really must go!”

and then from behind me a small voice said “Whoa!”

The duck shouted out “Please do not go,

I just have to ask, how on earth did you know?

I normally keep quiet when folk pass me by

but you were so nice I just had to reply.

I’m feeling quite lonely, the rest haven’t tarried,

I’m not very old and am quite newly married.

I was feeling quite down ‘till you came along,

Will you please join me in singing this song?”


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A Gift – In More Ways Than One

A friend who knows I collect postcards has just knocked on my door and she has kindly given me another card for my postcard collection.

As you can see, the card is addressed to a friend in Maine in 1910. I can’t make out where it was posted – Brigham? Bingham? Consulting Wikipedia I found “” Mayfield”, a small village in Central Maine in the last century, bordered to the west by Bingham.

Travel – Kenya to the U.K.

The Union-Castle Line S.S. “Kenya Castle” 17,041 Tons, Union-Castle Line to South and East Africa

I would have loved to ravel from Mombasa to the U.K., but no, it was not an option in 1968. Our return to the U.K. was paid for by external sources and had to be by air.

In Wikipedia there is a long list of the Union-Castle ships. The “Kenya Castle” was built in 1951. In 1967 it was sold to Greece and renamed the “Americanis”.. The Union-Castle line continued operations until 1977. Changes in shipping operations and the shift to air travel spelt the end to this “romantic” type of travel. The shift for passenger travel meant holiday cruises. And for cargo, container ships became the mode.

In 1972 we were posted to St. Lucia in the Caribbean West Indies. At that time there were the banana boats traveling between St. Lucia and the U.K. Alas, even if our employer would have agreed to such means of travel, we had 3 very young children and I could have nightmares at the thought of them running wild on a ship. Furthermore, my husband would have vetoed the idea. In subsequent years iit finally dawned on me that he wouldn’t voluntarily travel by ship at all.

Eager for Spring

Plants on our shelf – long ago in Dublin

Today was relatively warm and sunny and I was able to wander in our garden in Ballard. And it made me eager to. get planting. There was a promise of birdlife. I saw 2 handsome bluejays.

M.S. Venus

M.S. Venus

This ship had a serious reputation. I first heard of it in the summer of 1958. I was on a Youth Hostel trip cycling first in England and next in Norway. We were to make the crossing via this ship – nicknamed the “Vomiting” Venus. But contrary to its reputation our group of eight cyclists had a very smooth crossing. Our approach to Bergen was smooth as glass and we could enjoy the beauty of the fjord. Happy Times.

Rocks and Surf – Ogunquit Shore

I’ve been going through some old photos and want to share them with you.

Along the Marginal Way, Ogunquit Maine

Rocks and Surf from the Marginal Way, Ogunquit Maine

The above photos were taken years ago – I am amazed at the clarity. Just think, those waves have been pounding in there year after year, month after month , day and night – I wonder how many eons. I am in awe!