Jaipur Journals by Namita Gokhale – Stories of the Jaipur Literature Festival, writing, life and secrets

Intriguing – I’ll have a look for it.

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Jaipur Journals by Namita Gokhale

Many book lovers, authors and agents have been to a book festival, to listen to talks, panels and perhaps pick up a bit of book related gossip. The thousands of people who attend the Jaipur Literature Festival are no different, though for some the stakes are a little higher. An older woman carrying her precious manuscript, a criminal poet, a school girl, agents, experts, and so many others turn up at an event which reminds some of what they have lost, others what they may gain, and the social and personal turmoil of lives at a major yearly landmark event. With hundreds of events and over two dozen languages, there are all sorts of ramifications for those present, as past hurts and passions emerge in this humourous and well written book. Far from documenting what is obviously going on in the sight of the world…

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Miscellaneous Photos – Stories To Match

I have been searching, unsuccessfully, for photos of a jigsaw puzzle I was working on. Does my computer eat photos? I wonder sometimes. There could be no other explanation.

I wanted to show you how far I got on the latest puzzle and then could got no further. It defeated me. Too many pieces could fit in too many ways. I was about 2/3rds finished. Now I have turned to another 1000 piece puzzle. If this proves too difficult I will seriously think of switching to 500 piece puzzles. I like a challenge but I like to win – i.e. be able to complete the picture.

In my wanderings I had a few random thoughts which I will share below.

Would this make a good 1000 piece jigsaw? It is a postcard of the Machine Shop in the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy Massachusetts.? I think it would be more than difficult.

Now this image of Nantucket Harbour would make a lovely puzzle.

Dublin cat – subject for a puzzle?
Trio of Fluffy Kittens

A 1000 piece puzzle in the making – a joy to work on and I finished it successfully, not so long ago

Image For A Tapestry

This is a very sad image but I find the tones and the contests of the browns and the contrast in colors and the perception of depth are each and all tempting me to attempt a woven tapestry based on this image. The picture was on the front page of yesterday’s New York Times.