Favorite Recipes

This is a favorite activity for women living overseas with time on their hands. A kind of make work activity for idle hands. Compile a book of your favorite recipes. Favorite recipes of Payson Park Church. Favorite Recipes of Women Living in Bangladesh. etc. And I have participated in projects like this, and the resulting cookbooks have proved to be very useful. So once again, the residents here at Ida Culver House Broadview have been asked to submit their favorite recipes. That will keep us busy and proactive! Presumably men will be included also – after all this is 2020.

My favorite recipe is one from a dog-eared copy of a Betty Crocker Cookbook. Apple Crisp. That’s my party piece. And Ian’s favorite recipe is one for Apple Pie. I don’t know where he sourced it, but his pies are delicious. Or rather they were delicious. That was one of the first signs of dementia – he stopped cooking. SAD. That was about 3 or 4 years ago.

What Is Her Name?

What is her name – that friend in Dublin who I can picture, who I know so well , who lives across the street from Sue, whose husband is William, who supplied us with a dead magpie, who lived on Hillside Road – I can picture the house and the steep narrow drive, I can picture her collection of captive birds, I can picture her as a bereavement counselor. Her son Nigel was a classmate of Andrew at Wesley, Andrew beat Nigel for a prize in Geography (Andrew wrote a report on a survey of shopping patterns in Thimphu Bhutan). I am sure her name will suddenly pop into my head. And I’ll think “of course”

P.S. Her name is Florence. So easy – Florence Bell. Yes, it just came into my head – from nowhere!

A Heron Makes A Kill In Dundrum

One of our neighbors in suburban Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland had a small pool in the courtyard of her bungalow. We purchased our bungalow in 1969. It was one of 5 structures in a growing suburb in South Dublin, at he foot of the Dublin mountains. Each one of the five blocks consisted of 2 bungalows. The 2 bungalows were divided by a low wall between the interior courtyards. The wall between our bungalow an our neighbors had an extra row of bricks because my husband Ian was so tall (6’3).

Two driveways divided each block. Our neighbor Letitia had a small pool feature in her courtyard nd every so often a heron would come along and capture a fish from Letitia’s pool feature. This annoyed Letitia but I don’t know if she ever did anything to try to prevent this from happening. She is a very keen gardener and conservationist. Actually she is not the original owner. She bought the bungalow from the original owners in about 1980. I’m quite sure it was she who at some point added the pool feature to the courtyard.

not quite the right image ……