Searching For My Old Embroidery Book

My previous blog has unleashed a whole set of “new” memories. I asked my son James if he remembered the Enniskerry Pottery, cited in my previous post. No he was rather vague on that one. Now I’ve thought that he was too young when we used to visit the Enniskerry Pottery. He would have been only age 5 or so. He has better memories of Enniskerry and environs when he was 10+ when he went skiing nearby. That’s a whole story in itself. I will relate that story in due course.

Meanwhile I’ll keep hunting for a copy of that old embroidery book. E-Bay here I come.

My Embroidery Book

This was before I became seriously in weaving. It was when we were living in St. Lucia in the early 1970’s – 50 years ago. In Castries, the capital, I found a book on embroidery. It had an appealing cover and looked interesting so I bought it – this was in M & C, the department store. A very small department store. I referred to this book many times and still have it today. In St. Lucia, for lack of anything else, I worked on a big embroidery project. It was a picture of a girl on a swing and involved doing the different styles of embroidery stitches. It was actually fun. Upon completion I wondered what to do with it. I finally found a home for it in Dublin Ireland. I tried to sell it in a small pottery in the village of Enniskerry, a few miles from our home in Dundrum Dublin. The years passed – no one purchased my big piece of embroidery. One of the potters died of cancer – very sad, she was too young. The other potter, Mona Parkes, moved on. And my embroidery ……….who knows. I can’t remember what happened to the little shed – I think it was knocked down as part of a road widening project. Pity. It really added to the charm of the village.

This is not my work – but rather an attractive sample of an embroidery piece

Miniature dollhouse scale needlepoint by my talented customers!

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My customers sometimes send me images of the miniature dollhouse scale needlepoint that they’ve made from my kits, and I always love to see them, as I’m amazed by the talent and ingenuity of people to incorporate the kit designs into their own dollhouses.

Here’s a few examples of images that I’ve recently been sent:

This first one is of the ‘Judith’ rug, sent to me by Helen. She has created this amazing room to feature the rug in. The rug itself is stitched on 18 count canvas with Appletons crewel wool, and measures 9 x 7 inches.

Dollhouse needlepoint rug kit Judith

Helen also stitched this Strawberry Thief chair seat design – this is an Arts and Crafts design (i.e. from the late 1800’s). It’s available as a full kit with woodwork to make a chair (in a different design to this one – this chair is one of Helen’s own), or as…

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International Cat Day

The National Library of Ireland tells me it is International Cat Day.

Very learned cats
Mother cat and kittens
Antique postcard of kittens
Katerina (my former cat – my kind neighbor Kelly gave her a home when we had to move)
Katerina surveying her kingdom
A family photo – my brother is holding Blackie the cat – I am just a baby
Fizz surveys the James McKee family below