Cat on Watch

Cat (and dog) on watch

This is a postcard from my postcard collection.  I can’t make out the postmark but it looks like it was written in Pittsburg in 1908.  The writer was leaving the next day for Columbus.  She? and her companions were having a very nice time.  (A typical message on a postcard)    So they were in Pennsylvania and returning or going to Ohio.  It was sent to someone a man or boy (a grandson?) in Hammond Indiana.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Vintage Detective Novels

images  I spotted this recently  in the window of our local Secret Garden Bookshop.  I thought there is an author whose name was familiar – Freeman Wills Crofts.  My husband had talked of reading his books years ago.  So I bought it in its striking new reissue dust jacket.  Bingo – Ian (my husband) not only recognized the name but also proceeded to tell me that he and Crofts went to the same school, Campbell College in Belfast Northern Ireland.  Crofts would have been a contemporary of Ian’s father and uncle who also went to Campbell.  I wonder if they knew him.  Further coincidence was that Crofts was born in Dublin near where we lived for many years.  I love the way paths cross in many unexpected ways.