Every Vote Counts

Janet voting in Seattle – a few years ago

I voted yesterday (Oct 29, 2020) – the Greenwood Drop Box outside the library. There was a steady stream of people dropping off their ballots, but no one offered to take my picture. I was fumbling about trying to take a selfie but out of the corner of my eye I could see that other voters were waiting. So I just pushed my ballot in the slot and made way for the other voters.

Ancestors on my Family Tree

I have been adding ancestors to my family tree – Janet’s Family Tree – on Ancestry.com These ancestors range from 8th Great Grandfather (or 8th Great Grandmother) to as far back as 13th Great Grandfather (or 13th Great Grandmother).

One set of Grandparents has 2 people. A grandfather and a grandmother

Two sets of Grandparents consists of 4 people. 2 Great Grandfathers and 2 Great Grandmothers

Four sets of Grandparents consists of 8 people 4 Great Grandfathers and 4 Great Grandmothers

and so the numbers keep doubling

1 Grandfather

2 Great Grandfathers

4 Great Great Grandfathers

8 Great Great Great Grandfathers

16 Great Great Great Great Grandfathers

32 Great Great Great Great Great Grandfathers

64 6th GGF’s

128 7th GGF’s

256 8th GGF’s

512. 9th GGF’s

!024. 10th GGF’s

2048 11h GGF’s

4096 12th GGF’s

4192. 13th GGF’s

8384. 14th GGF’s

16,768. 15th GGF’s

33,536. 16th GGF’s


So when I identify an ancestor by saying he was my 8th Great Grandfather – there were 255 other 8th Great Grandfathers

This man became my maternal grandfather. He is holding my mother as a newborn.
Again my future grandfather with his 3 young daughters
My mother and my aunt in England in 1934 – a trip to England and France, shortly before they married in 1935 and 1936
The 3 sisters – my mother and Aunt Libby and Aunt Alice – with Auntie (my grandfather’s sister) – and the next generation as children – me (Janet) and cousins Kitty, Betsy, Bill, and Bob.
Auntie (my grandfather’s sister), me and my cousin Betsy, and Grandma Friend
My Great Aunt (Auntie) and her brother My Grandfather

Trumbull – Dear YOU: (2) – Christmas 1944 Never Arrived – May 20,1945

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

APG - Langeres, France - 1945

Lad in Langres, France, 1945

Page 2     5/20/45

L.S.M.F.T. we hear quite frequently over the radio these days. I asked Jean the other night what it meant and she told me “Lucky Strikes mean fine tobacco.” Of course I knew all the time what it really meant but how the broadcasting station got hold of it beats me. The real answer is “Lad sends mail frequently thesedays.” (An odd coincidence – Lad smoked Lucky Strikes for most of his life, until he quit when he was in his 60’s.)  And just to prove it, this week another arrived at my office. It was dated May 6th, and said: “Pop, old Boy – how are you honestly feeling? I’ve had a cold which I got sometime last week, but it is diminishing in severity each day and today I feel better than yesterday. In about a few days, (that’s pinning…

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Strange Dream

I was playing golf with Mildred Sargent. Mildred isa friend from my lawn bowling years in Dublin. Our golf match was going well and I was doing beautifully, nearing the end of a good round. Then, things suddenly started to fall apart. Everything went wrong. I was over the green, I whiffed, my club head was damaged, I putted short, I putted long – my score sky rocketed. Mildred meanwhile stayed steady and even pulled ahead sinking long putts from off the green. The players behind us played through as we fumbled around looking for my lost ball – after another errant shot. My mother was in the twosome playing through. I was pretty disappointed over the collapse of my good round. Further my two wood was damaged and when I took it to the pro shop no one paid any attention to me about repairing it.

Now all I can manage is knitting.

Pacific War in art – 1945

Pacific Paratrooper

I wish all of the distinguished artists of WWII could have been included – here is the final year of the Pacific War…

“Battle of Luzon” by: Yorozujiro Terauchi, 1945
Mandalay, Burma, by: David Pentland, Feb. ’45
Pacific Glory” by: Nicholas Trudgian

It is March 1945 and the P-38’s of the 475th FG are involved in a huge dogfight with Japanese Zeros over the coast of Indo-China. Flying “Pee Wee V” is Lt Ken Hart of the 431st Fighter Squadron, who has fatally damaged a Zero in a blistering head on encounter. The second P-38L – “Vickie” – belongs to Captain John ‘rabbit’ Pietz, who would end the War as an Ace with six victories.
Signed by three highly decorated P-38 pilots who flew in combat with the 475th Fighter Group in the Pacific theatre during World War II.

‘The Great Tokyo Air Raid’ by: Hashimoto Kimisuke, 10 March ’45…

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More Occupations in My Family Tree

Myles Standish was a Military Adviser with the Rank of Captain. He lived from 1584-1656. He was my 8th Great Grandfather. Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. One of the original settlers.

Thomas Dexter was a Miller. He was my 9th Great Grandfather. His grist mill, DexterGrist Mill, was built in 1637. He is buried in the Oliver Family Tomb in Kings Chapel Burying Ground in Boston. Born in 1594, died in 1686.

Sir Thomas MacIssac, 1306-1369, was the Town Clerk of Aberdeen (Scotland). He was my 18th Great Grandfather (by marriage).

Trumbull – Dear Convalescents (1) – Extract of Guion (Dan and Ced) – July 16, 1944

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

This letter from Grandpa to his scattered flock contains excerpts from letters he has received in the last week. It is quite a collection and it will take two days to finish the letter. Enjoy.

Trumbull, Conn., July 16, 1944

Dear Convalescents:

As your medical advisor I am recommending this week a full dose of extract of Guion, consisting of vitamins DBG, CDG, MIG a substitute for APG, (at the moment unobtainable) and DPG, to be taken with a little water, before, after or between meals.

DBG - Dan only (cropped) fron Ced, Dan and car - 1941

Extract of DBG. (Daniel Beck Guion)(July 3, London) Gone completely is the idyllic lull about which I wrote so enthusiastically a few weeks past, and in its place has come a period which keeps us too much on our mettle to indulge in languid philosophy. Now we are engulfed in a realism which focuses war in sharp, unmistakable images, exciting… significant… decisive. The…

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