My New Mug


Just one of my purchases at the Dibble Guest House Craft Fair.  This was a very local craft fair only a few streets away.  A very good assortment of work by various craft people. .  There were a lot of knitted and sewn items, leather works, ceramics, cards, food items, dried flowers, and more – all beautifully displayed.  I couldn’t resist.

On December 6, 2018

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On December 6, 2018, Finland has been independent for 101 years. Here is a card to greet your family members and your friends on Independence Day.

01suomisatayksivuotta 01a

If you want to add your greetings to the card, below is the card without text.

01suomisatayksivuotta 02a

You can easily add text by using the free PhotoScape software, which you can download from: The video below tells you how to do it.

You can find more my free postcards at: There is also the card which is in the video.

Remember the virus scanning …

PS Even though the video is in Finnish, you shouldn’t have any problems to understand how to use the free PhotoScape picture editor which you can download from the URL You find more of my free postcards in English and Finnish at

For the People of Karelia Something is Missing on Independent Day

Evakon laulu singing…

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After the Seattle Turkey Trot, 2018

IMG_4571  Trying to find my car which was parked somewhere – I was only vaguely familiar with the neighborhood and couldn’t remember exactly where I had parked the car in my rush to get to the start line and registration.

IMG_4570climbing the stairs


IMG_4567 The climb back up to the start (and the car) after walking the 5K to get to the finish.

IMG_4551  Good companions on the walk

IMG_4546 Still smiling on the walk – feeling cosy in my dragon hat (the closest I could get to a turkey)


IMG_4548 Approximately 1/3 of the way along.

IMG_4553 En route

I don’t seem to have a photo of the 7000 eager runners, trotters, walkers and dogs just before the start.  Another comment – it was a reasonable day for doing this caper.  I did it 4 years ago – a challenge then and a challenge this year but lots of fun and hopefully it will be a nice day next year and I can do it again.

My Ancestors (27a) – Clara Maria de los Dolores Marina de Beck Guion – Clara’s Letter – 1893

Genealogy is fascinating.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

The following is a letter written by Clara Maria de los Dolores Marina de Beck to Amelia Bowden Guion of Seneca Falls, New York in 1883:

“My grand-parents on my mother’s side were of royal descent. My grandfather Cadoret was guillotined in France for his loyalty to Marie Antoinette. My grandmother with her three daughters (my mother being the youngest) were secluded for months in a tower outside Paris and were released by being let down in the dead of night in a Cracker Barrel. This was suitably curtained inside and slightly ventilated, and with my grandmother inside was taken as freight on board a ship bound for Havana. My grandmother was of Spanish birth and it was deemed safer to send her to Cuba, than to Spain, as she might have been traced, and her head would have gone too. Of course they were rescued by friends, and when…

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Life in Alaska – Two short notes From Ced – November 8, 1946

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

Since Ced was making payments to Grandpa – I’m not sure what the payments were for – I believe he included a check with this note.

Dear Dad,

In great haste.

Letter later.



This is probably the later letter,

Friday afternoon

Dear Papa,

Seems as tho’ I must owe you money in order to send you a letter – nothing to prove otherwise yet, is there? I apologize again and admit you are right as to how it happened. At least I had money in the bank this time.

My plans as proposed in the last letter are somewhat upset. The income tax is 20% up to $2500, 22% up to $4500 and 26% up to $6500. this additional 4% is not as bad as I had supposed, but it looks as though I’m going to have a pretty heavy whack taken out anyway. Hope the “pay-as-you-go” plan…

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