It’s All Relative

One of our sons has made his home in Singapore. It is a far cry from Seattle. But I just learned that he spent his recent birthday making the 14 hour flight to London. My head is spinning. Of course, it is his daughter’s birthday on the 28th Ishould remember that – her birth in Hong Kong was the reason for my last big trip – Dublin to Hong Kong in May 2010. May is a busy month for birthdays in our family.

Spring flowers for a May birthday

Army Life – Lad’s First Letter Home (2) – Training Continues – May 17, 1942

Army life.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

Lad’s first letter home to his father and the rest of the family continues with Lad’s detailed training activities at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, where he is part of an Ordnance Battalion.

Lad - 1943

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad)


Due to the issue of rifles last night, I did not have time to complete this letter. And it looks as though I may not have time to finish it tonight. We are to have a lecture at 8 PM and that is only a short time distant. If anyone tells you that we are busy, just let it pass as an understatement. Boy, from 5:45 until 9:00, with the exception of about 30 minutes at noon and 1½ hours in the evening, we do not have time to even think for ourselves. To say nothing of heeding “Mother Nature”.

May 23

I was right. I could not finish it, and then, since…

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Swedish Old Peoples Home

I wish I was there.

Boone Iowa – Swedish Old Folks Home

This is from my postcard collection. I was able to scan it and then retrieve it for my blog. I am trying to do the same for other postcards in my collection but somehow the same process doesn’t work. Grr.

Westward From Des Moines

continued from yesterday

From Des Moines Jim and I journeyed uneventfully to Salt Lake City. It was all new to me and exciting to see so much of the MidWest and then the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Jim arranged for me to stay with his grandmother in Salt Lake City. Looking back we must have somehow planned this itinerary because after a few days in Salt Lake City with Jim’s family, Jim and I went on a camping trip to visit Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon and Bryce. Upon our return to Salt Lake City, I boarded a train to head East to Denver. But I got off the train in Grand Junction Colorado where I was met by Bob (another Platteville classmate) and his sister-in-law and 2 little nephews. This group took me to Denver and I stayed with that family for several days before flying home to Boston. I had had a whirlwind tour of the West.

French Open Tennis

Here we go, the tennis season is upon us. The French Open started yesterday and is now in full swing. Novac Djokovic is playing right now as I write this blog entry. It is .2 p.m. Monday afternoon in Seattle. Exciting times.

Spring – graduation time – Middlebury College 1958
Belmont High School Tennis Teams, circa 1950’s

Once Upon A Time……..

Once upon a time, years ago, I was a keen student in the Geography Department at Middlebury College in Vermont. My keenness for the subject was enhanced and/or re-enforced by 2 excellent professors. I applied to 3 graduate schools to further my knowledge. One of these was the University of Washington here in Seattle – my first choice. I am not sure how it happened but I never heard back from them. So I was left with the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University. Both excellent schools, but if I recall correctly Northwestern offered a more attractive teaching assistantship to help finance my studies. So off I went to the Middle West – Chicago and Evanston Illinois. Part of the program at Northwestern was a 6 week field course in Platteville Wisconsin. All promised to be a big adventure – and it was!

The 6 weeks in Platteville were so different from my undergraduate studies at Middlebury. We were a small group in Platteville, about 20 of us and 1 or 2 professors. We were housed in a local college dormitory. 24/7 we were all together, an intensive immersion in an academic program. The highlight was to go out in the evening to The Black Cat bar!! Howard, Roy, Bob, John, Jim, Eunice, Margaret are a few of the fellow students I can recall. We explored the surrounding area which included a dip into Iowa or Nebraska. Professors Powers and Jones were our mentors.

When the 6 weeks concluded, I went NW to St. Paul Minnesota to visit my Middlebury friend Bonnie for a week. Next I went south to meet Jim (from the field course) in Des Moines Iowa. Jim had gone back to Evanston to collect his car and then drive west to his home in Salt Lake City. Amazingly we met as planned in Des Moines and then travelled West to Salt Lake City. This was long long before the days of internet instant and constant communication. I look back and wonder at how smooth and easy it seemed to be.

to be continued

It’s A Beautiful Day For ………

It’s a beautiful day for a track meet………..and I am so disappointed not to be going to cheer for my grandsons. There is an outbreak of COVID here at the Care Home so in an effort to contain it everyone here is in lockdown. Grr. No visitors allowed and no expeditions to the outside world. Those who have been identified as actually having COVID have to stay in their rooms. This morning a woman came to breakfast and I said to her “er aren’t you supposed to stay in your room…..oops she said and hastily beetled away (using her walking frame). Such is life in the Memory Care unit.