WIP Wednesday: Distracted Knitter Edition

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I have only spent a small amount of time knitting the Rainbow sock. I’ve been distracted.

Yesterday I fell deep down the rabbit hole that is Ravelry. I’m trying to decide on an August project. The yarn will have to be ordered in early July. The requirement is a project with at least 800 yards of yarn. I won’t know exactly what the specific science related requirement will be until early July. I’ve got to have a least a few ideas. I won’t have an afternoon to waste in July when I’m working on my 600+ yard project. Anyway I picked out a few sweaters and a couple of shawls. Here are a couple of them:

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Tied In Knots

An analogy with knitting. WordPress has introduced a new Editor and it has me even more confused than usual. My finished posts and/or drafts can unexpectedly disappear without any hope of recovery. And I don’t have Word to make writing so much easier.

I think of an analogy with knitting – a series of knots tied together.

Virus News From The Lofoten Islands

Our knitting friends Arne and Carlos caught the dreaded Covid virus and Carlos in particular had a very bad dose.  He and Arne have gone north to Lofoten to continue their recovery.



This image could hardly be further away from the Lofoten Islands but it is sort of similar.