National Handloom Weaving Day

August 7 was National Handloom Weaving Day. I think this might have been in India. India is a nation with many many handloom weavers – deserving of a Natioal Day. As a handloom weaver myself, I support this declaration. Once upon a time when I was living in Bangladesh I almost accepted a position as Advisor to a group of rug weavers. This was with a missionary organization. I thought seriously about this but in the end decided against it. The weavers themselves probably knew more than I did, and I didn’t care for the missionary organization itself.

A rug which could have been woven on a Swedish Glimakra loom.
A. handloom American Navajo Indian style
Handloom weaving American style
Handwoven tapestry
Braided rug – no loom required
Looks like knitting but could be handwoven