Remembering A Friend

Today I was continuing adding to my collection of postcards. I have so many different interests in my collection – it can get expensive. This morning I was looking at postcards of Nantucket. I have so many happy memories of that magical island. Today I looked at postcards for sale of Siasconset. My mother’s golfing friend Grace McCreary had a house in Sconset and my mother and I were house guests several times. Grace’s house in Sconset was very large. It was GRAND. There was a buzzer under the dining room table. This was used to alert the staff. The house had several wings. In the days of grand house parties I’m sure it had many a tale to tell. It was a house from a different era.

My mother’s friend Grace – a golfing friend, a neighbor in Belmont, a church friend.

Researching An Old Friend

According to the 1940 U.S. Census Lewis S. McCreary was born about 1874 in Michigan. His daughter Grace was born in 1911. The family lived on Clifton Street in Belmont. They had 2 maids – one named Hana Shea born about 1888 and Mary F. Sullivan born 1905.

Grace was born in 1911 – my mother was born in 1912. Grace’s father was in the plumbing equipment business – he had his own company. Grace’s father was about the same age as my mother’s father. My mother eventually became a librarian. I think Grace had similar interests. They enjoyed playing golf together at Oakley Country Club. They were just good friends and laughed a lot together.

How did Grace have such a grand house in Sconset on Nantucket? I think this was a family house of her grandparents the Spragues.

My mother passed away in October 2000. Grace passed in 2003.