Day 42 – Last Day in Paris

The trip is winding down now.  They seem tired!

They got up after ten this morning.  They went up to the American Express office and got their tickets for the trip home.  She bought gloves.  Had ice cream at the Cafe de la Paix.  Walked through a different section of shops.  Had toasted brioche and coffee and an ice cream soda at Rumpelmayers.  Saw nice people there.

Walked up through the Tuileries.

Went back and packed.

Had a hard time finding Prunier’s on Rue Duphot – then it was closed.  Took a bus on Avenue Victor Hugo.  Sat up at the bar and drank D’Anjou wine.  Lib had frogs’ legs and she had oyster stew.  Oysters looked like clams but tasted very good.  Had a long walk back down the Champs Elysees – rested just once.

Day 41 – July 19th – Thursday – Montmartre

They got up late but accomplished things.  They wandered around Montmartre, seeing all kins of things being sold on the street.  Had to ask a gendarme where the Church of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre was.  The gendarme was much amused.

She had a good lunch of cold chicken and brioche with chocolate sauce at a pleasant restaurant restaurant – Albert C          .

Walked up about 270 steps to the church.  People chanting, candles all around, some confessing.  Strange shape.  Many chapels.  Beautiful blue window, terrible red window.

They came back to their hotel after buying precious dogs.

She slept for a couple of hours then had a nice dinner of melon, veal, artichoke, and peach tart at the Miramar.

26a3e2e462933c604751ba305cda5132--french-postcards-i-love-paris          France-Paris-Notre-Justice-Palace-Chapel-Postcard-Old  France-Paris-Arc-D-Triomphe-Postcard-Old-Vintage