The Home Front Role of Sports

Pacific Paratrooper

Hialeah Race Track postcard. Flamingos were imported from Cuba in 1934

The movies and newsreels of WWII provided information and diversion for many at the home
front, but none could provide the escape and release of stress for the civilian as much as sports.

South Florida maintained a carnival atmosphere with the Hialeah Race Track and West Flagler Kennel Club, which took in $100,000 nightly – just to prove my point. And, somehow, travel restrictions did not deter the action at Miami’s Tropical Park. Horse racing went on, despite the war, in every country. All in all, racing boomed as the 68th running of the Kentucky Derby went off with 100,000 in the crowd. Unfortunately, this was the same day that 68 men had been taken by the Japanese at Bataan; they were all members of D Company, 192d Tank Battalion, out of Kentucky.

Sam Snead & Ted Williams


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Noise Pollution

This is a topic makes me get quite stirred up. For example, the power operated gardener – e.g. snow blower or leaf blower. There has been a very noisy leaf blower operating right outside our apartment for a LONG time this morning. It’s really doing a neat job of tidying up the grounds but oh how I wish I had a mute button for it.

And firecrackers – that’s another loud starling noisemaker. Just ask my dog or cat. I don’t have either a dog or cat now but I suffer for all dogs and cats out there in the big wide world when there are fireworks.

Molly Of Denali

Molly of Denali is a PBS Kids program – it is marvelous, so clever and informative. I am in my 80’s and I’m hooked. It’s a program for all ages! Learn about Wood Carving for example. Or Ice Sculpture.

Radio Ham?

Airfield Remembered

For a number of years, Airfield estate played an important role in my life.

This estate is within walking distance of my home in Dundrum Dublin Ireland. I say my home – I really should write my former home for 44 years. When we first moved to 44 Ailesbury Lawn, Dundrum, I was totally. unaware of Airfield nearby. I did occasionally see a very stately old car being driven up the main street but I had no idea that the driver was one of two sisters who lived just up the hill at Airfield. In the early years, I didn’t even cross that Main Street to go up that hill. But really that’s a whole other story of how I got to know Dundrum.