Golf in Hawaii


Royal Kaanapali Golf Course – First Green

I wonder if my mother ever played this course.  She lived in Wailuku Maui on the other side of the island from Kaanapali.  The more modest Maui Country Club was closer and less spectacular.

Day 50 – Arrival in New York, Friday July 27, 1934

The sisters got up at 7:30 after she and Lib had laughed and laughed about their trip and getting home. They were in New York Harbor with six or eight tugs playing around.  Saw the Monarch of Bermuda go out, later the Majestic.

They got their passports checked and their landing cards before breakfast.

Saw the Statue of Liberty.

Said goodby to people and waited on the boat for a time while the crowd got off, then disembarked and waited and waited for our baggage.  American Express man was there. A nice steward helped them.

Virginia met them and rode in the taxi with them to Grand Central where they had lunch.

They got the 3 o’clock train.  Hot.  They were in an unairconditioned car.  Train was full.

Met by the family at 8:15 in Back Bay.  Rode home and talked until twelve.  She felt rotten – still traveling on the ocean.

01-FrontCover-250 Cunard Line Passwnger List    sample passenger list (I can’t find the list for their particular trip)

1934_lowermanhattan004.jpg Lower Manhattan, New York Harbor 1934


Cat On Barn Steps


This is an old photo and rather faded but I like it all the same.  The cat was in my sister’s barn maybe 30+ years ago – younger days.  At that time we were visiting from Bangladesh and the farm and all the animals were extra special.  I am extra partial to cats – and the browns and grays in this photo – and the memories it evokes.

How Do I Tell You What My 60th College Reunion Meant To Me?

Middlebury College Vermont – Class of 1958 – 60th Reunion

Middlebury College -that small “cosy” college set in the Green Mountains in Vermont.

In June I attended my 60th Reunion, along with others celebrating their 5th through 70th reunions.  It was Reunion Weekend!  The most thrilling moment was marching in the procession up the hill to Mead Chapel for the Convocation.  “The Strength of the Hills is His Also” – the inscription on the Chapel. Yes I felt inspired to be in that procession behind our  1958 class banner. I was just one of many, but I felt a SPECIAL ONE because I had attended Middlebury.  I was part of a long and worthy tradition.

It’s a different college now from the one I attended.  It has grown almost beyond recognition apart from the fact that the new buildings are still built of gray granite.  Too big I felt and yet upon reflection maybe it has just adapted itself to changes in society and what is called for in 2018, as compared with 1954 when I entered.  At the end of the weekend I felt that the core values remain- they endure.