Day 17 – On Tour Again Ex London – Monday June 25

The tour started from King’s Cross Station.  They stopped at Tring for lunch and then continued on to Stratford.

Tring – an ancient market town in Herefordshire 480px-Tring_High_Street  (google image)


They stopped at the Red Horse Hotel where my mother had a “scrumptious” tea and played ping pong.


(google image)

After lunch the tour continued on to Warwick and the Regent Hotel in Leamington.  They had quite a dinner – 6 courses.  In the evening they went by private car to Stratford where they saw Romeo and Juliet.  She has great praise for the production.


Old postcard of Mill Street Warwick



Day 15 – In London – A Nice Warm Day


My Mother’s Diary fro her Trip to Europe in 1934


Sightseeing.  Tried to see the Guards but there were such crowds that all they could see were the tops of their busbys – occasional glimpse.  Enjoyed the music.

They a delicious meal at Simpsons on the Strand

They visited the British Museum.

They had lots of fun riding on the buses.  They tried to shop but the stores were closed.  They had a good tea at Ridgeways.

They took a bus again to go to the theatre – Reunion in Vienna with Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine – very good.

Found it strange to see people smoking on the buses and in the theatre,

Reunion in Vienna Scene from Reunion in Vienna.  (from Google Images)

My Mother’s Trip to Europe -Wednesday June 20, 1934

Again a man from American Express by taking them to Paddington Station where they boarded the train to Leamington.  She remarks on the beautiful and peaceful English countryside.  They visited Kenilworth Castle and then had a good lunch at The Porridge Pot.  After which it was on to Warwick Castle.  Very impressed by all the beautiful items exhibited. Saw Shakespeare’s birthplace and Anne Hathaway’s cottage. Saw the magnificent estate of Charlecote.  She walked around Leamington while waiting for the train back to London.  They went to see a Noel Coward play – Conversation Piece with Yvonne Printemps and Pierse Fresnay.. Adorable.  The music was especially good.  The attendees were beautifully dressed.

(They covered a lot of territory on this day in Shakespeare Country – they must have had a guide and or private coach??)

(The play had been running in the West End since February – a hit!)

220px-Conversation_Piece  scene from Conversation piece, courtesy of Google