Recent Hand Surgery

The surgery on my right hand was almost month ago. The purpose was to help straighten my fingers, which were afflicted with arthritis. Yesterday markedl my first sighting of the results. I won’t show you a picture. The hand is very swollen but the prognosis is good – I hope! At least I don’t have to do everything left handed now. Pictures will be posted in due course.

The Island – Pictures and Stories – Slave Ring – September, 2020

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

I am back home now – actually had an extra day – and I had so many memories while I was there. I thought I would share them for this week. I hope you enjoy them.

These pictures are of a ring firmly attached to a rock on our family Island. I do not know the actual history of the ring but the story that I heard was that slaves or convicts were working not that far away and at night they were brought to the Island and chained to this rock. I was a pretty secure place for them to be at night because non of them knew how to swim. 

I need to do some research to see if I can find out the truth about this ring, but it is an interesting story.

Slave Ring, September, 2020

Slave Ring (close-up), September, 2020

I will be posting more…

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Automated Systems

I don’t know. It used to be simple to make an appointment to see a doctor. Ha. Today I called the clinic and I was put on hold by their new automated system. The recording told me I had to wait approximately 7 minutes. I duly waited and waited – I now was told I only had to wait 4 minutes. A click or 2 and I was thrown out of the system and was at the end of the queue with 7 calls ahead of me. I gave up!!

My Ancestor Tree Keeps On Growing

My ancestor count now is standing tall at 21,570 people. New information keeps coming. And my ethnicity based on my DNA keeps getting tweeked as advances are made in DNA analysis. The latest breakdown is as follows: England and Northwest Europe 49%, Scotland 24%, Sweden 9%, Germanic Europe 7%, Norway 3 %, Wales. 1%