The U.S. Marine Corps in China – part I

Pacific Paratrooper

Marines in China

On September 2, 1945, Japanese representatives boarded the battleship USS Missouri. World War II had been brought to a swift conclusion. To the men of the III Marine Amphibious Corps (IIIAC), already training for the proposed invasion of Japan, this was welcome news indeed.

The leathernecks knew that an invasion of the Japanese home islands would have been bloody.  Now the nightmare seemed over, and the Marines looked forward to returning to the States.

But instead of going home, the IIIAC Marines found that they were going to be sent to China instead. This was a bitter disappointment for many, but some actually looked forward to an adventure in the Far East. Private Harold Stevens of the 29th Marines was thrilled that he was not going back to his family’s farm in Pennsylvania. He was only 19 but was already a veteran of the bloody battles…

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Postcards and Oil Fields

2019_07_18_10_27_02.pdf000Midwest oil fields Wyoming

My sense of economic geography  is thrown here.  I somehow don’t think of Wyoming and oil fields.  This is an “old” postcard in a style dating from the 40’s and 50’s.  But I think again and recently there was so much in the news about the routing of the oil pipelines.

North and South Dakota yes but Wyoming?  Think again!