Viking Voyages

Vikings established a number of settlements along the coast of Ireland.  According to today’s edition of The Daily Chronicle, the in-house publication here at Ida Culver Broadview, it was on July 10 988 when the Vikings first sailed up the Liffey and founded a settlement, which grew to be the City of Dublin.

Ten years or so ago in 2007  I followed the journey of the Sea Stallion and watched the ship sail up the Liffey to reach modern Dublin.  It was very exciting to watch the finale of this re-enactment of a voyage made almost 1000 years ago, the difficult voyage  from Denmark to Dublin.  We were part of a very large cheering and welcoming crowd.


One thought on “Viking Voyages

  1. Oh dear Janet, too bad on the loss of your Norskie heritage:( How lovely Ed could send his condolences. Hopefully no hard feelings and you will still be permitted into class should you wish to return!

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