Some Favorite Dogs

2019_01_17_10_13_04.pdf000Grover – our Fiji hound.    A very loving dog.  He used to sit on the sea wall and wait for the boys to come home from school (Suva Primary) on the school bus.  He jumped for joy when they appeared – I think it was the highlight of his day.

We got this dog from the pound.  He was very frightened and shy to begin with but he soon proved to be a treasure.


Wearing A Mask

Wearing a mask – that’s the massage in these days of the alarming and increasing spread of the Corona Virus.  I have several different masks which I can choose to wear when I go out of our apartment.  My favorite is a BLACK one.  I can’t show you a selfie wearing my black mask because I haven’t worked out how to transfer photos from my phone to my computer.  It’s all a learning process as I return to blogging.  Oh well, as my husband says, it keeps me off the streets!  (Ha, we are not allowed to go out to the street – Ida Culver rules to keep the virus at bay.). Below is a picture just for fun.


Another computer related update – the missing mouse that was found doesn’t work.  A technical glitch.  So my tech adviser no. 1 is ordering another mouse due to arrive tomorrow.  That saga continues.