A Mental Note To Myself

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And anyone else who is interested.

Yesterday The Loopy Ewe announced the projects for the spring semester of Loopy Academy. I’m so excited! I’ll admit that I’ve been checking their blog a few times a day for about a week. Immediately I dropped everything to pick projects, decide on yarn and place my order. The last couple of semesters I rushed picking out projects I thought I liked and then when I got going on them they were less than thrilling. This time I made sure that each project was something I have liked in the past and am truly looking forward to knitting. So here is the list paired with the yarn so I’ll remember just what the plan is.

  • The requirement for the first project is to knit something with 250 yards or more of yarn that has buttons and buttonholes. I dithered on this one for…

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WIP Wednesday: Distracted Knitter Edition

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I have only spent a small amount of time knitting the Rainbow sock. I’ve been distracted.

Yesterday I fell deep down the rabbit hole that is Ravelry. I’m trying to decide on an August project. The yarn will have to be ordered in early July. The requirement is a project with at least 800 yards of yarn. I won’t know exactly what the specific science related requirement will be until early July. I’ve got to have a least a few ideas. I won’t have an afternoon to waste in July when I’m working on my 600+ yard project. Anyway I picked out a few sweaters and a couple of shawls. Here are a couple of them:

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Tied In Knots

An analogy with knitting. WordPress has introduced a new Editor and it has me even more confused than usual. My finished posts and/or drafts can unexpectedly disappear without any hope of recovery. And I don’t have Word to make writing so much easier.

I think of an analogy with knitting – a series of knots tied together.

Third Thoughts

This is getting serious. An autobiography in 300 words is the assignment. I met someone who said she had written 330 words and the editor returned it to her. She gave it to her daughter to eliminate her excess words. Strictly 300 words or less is the rule/assignment.

So I will start again and eliminate all those random memories!

She came into this world in the final month of 1936. Born in Boston at New England Baptist Hospital, weight 5 lbs 11 oz. Taken home to Belmont in due course. A happy loving family – mother, father, an older brother and 2 older sisters; a comfortable home in a nice neighborhood. But when she was 12 years old her childhood changed abruptly. Out of the blue, her father died – it was a coronary thrombosis.

The family dynamic was changing. The 3 older siblings were now adults and were leaving to get married. The years passed and soon Janet left too. She went to Middlebury College in Vermont, graduating in 1958. She went on to Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois to earn a Master’s Degree in Urban Geography.

Her first job as a graduate was in Seattle. But it wasn’t too long before she returned to her native Boston to work for Arthur D. Little, a prominent management consulting firm. After 3 years, she transferred to the San Francisco Office. She could’t resist the lure of the University of California in Berkeley. She enrolled in 1964 to study economics. In 1966 she went to Kenya to do the research for her PhD thesis.

Shortly after arriving in Nairobi in August 1966, she met Ian, her husband-to-be. They married in 1968. From Kenya they moved to Dublin Ireland for Ian’s job with An Foras Forbatha, The National Institute for Planning and Construction Research. Three sons were born in quick succession.

This young family proceeded to roam the world because of Ian’s work. Two years in St. Lucia in the West Indies, 2 years in Fiji in the South Pacific, 5 years in Bangladesh, 2 years in Bhutan in the Himalayas, 1 year in Ghana in West Africa, and back to Kenya in East Africa for 5 years.

These 3 sons are now all married and we are blessed with 9 grandchildren.


That’s about 400 words and I haven’t written about my various jobs. Needs editing!