What Should I Write Today?

The past few days I have been writing biographies for my husband Ian and myself. I finished yesterday – 300 words for each of us. Along the way I encountered numerous problems, not the least of which was losing my computer’s connection to the internet. And the problem which remains is how to deliver the biographies to the person in charge of this project at Ida Culver Broadview. Solutions abound. Last resort would be to walk from our apartment in D building to an apartment in C building. Not a very long walk but still an exploration of new territory. Remember that we have been self isolating since early March.

Hotel Commander Cambridge Massachusetts image from the 1940’s?

My grandfather and his sister (Auntie) had an apartment in this hotel in the 1940’s. If circumstances dictated self-isolation, all their requirements could be met in the hotel. Meals could be brought to their apartment etc. They lived there from the early 1940’s until sometime in 1952 when Auntie passed away.