A Memorable Day – July 4 1978

On July 4, 1978 our family was granted membership in the American Club, Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  A bumper day.  Membership in the American Club opened up our world in Dhaka.  It was such a significant venue  for making new friends, the opportunity to play tennis and squash, a place to dine out, a place to swim in an outdoor pool, a place to celebrate special holidays, etc.  Open that gate and in we tumbled – and spent the next 4 1/2 years.

Cat on Watch

Cat (and dog) on watch

This is a postcard from my postcard collection.  I can’t make out the postmark but it looks like it was written in Pittsburg in 1908.  The writer was leaving the next day for Columbus.  She? and her companions were having a very nice time.  (A typical message on a postcard)    So they were in Pennsylvania and returning or going to Ohio.  It was sent to someone a man or boy (a grandson?) in Hammond Indiana.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Born On The 4th Of July

My grandfather born July 4, 1874


Alfred William Friend  born July 4, 1874  died August 4, 1957

The baby pictured above is my mother, born April 7, 1912.   holding her is her father Alfred William Friend.  He was age 38 and already the father of twin daughters born 1907, a year after he married May Belle Willis   They married twice in October 1906, a marriage in Boston and a marriage in Minneapolis.  Red tape when you move and get married at the same time.