300 Words For Ian

Born in 1933 in Belfast Northern Ireland, Ian grew up in the shadow of the Second World War. His father, badly injured in World War One, died when Ian was 8 months old. Ian’s primary school was moved to Portrush on the north coast to escape the bombing in Belfast. His home in the shadow of Stormont would have been a special target during the air raids. His secondary school was relocated to Portrush also. and the school grounds of Cabin Hill and Campbell were converted to agricultural use. The buildings became a military hospital.

Ian left Campbell in 1951. He took a 7 year apprenticeship with an architectural firm in Belfast. Following which he went to Edinburgh College of Art to add a professional qualification in planning. He could put the initials F.R.I.B.A. and F.R.T.P.I. A year spent working for the Edinburgh Corporation and then 8 months working on the Caribbean Island of Montserrat, developing a master plan for Plymouth, the capital.

His next employment was with the U.K. Ministry of Overseas Development. He was hired to go to Kenya to fill the post of Assistant Town Planning Officer. Shortly after his arrival in August 1966, he met Janet Miller, newly arrived from California. A year and a half later Ian and Janet married in St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Nairobi.

Ian’s next employment was in Dublin Republic of Ireland. He was engaged to head the Planning Division of An Foras Forbatha, the National Institute for Planning and Construction Research. After a year of renting a flat in Rathgar, Ian and Janet purchased a newly constructed bungalow in Dundrum. Their 3 sons were born in Churchtown in the Mt. Carmel Hospital.

In 1972 the expanded family went to the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Ian agreed to work for 2 years as the Head of the st. Lucia Town Planning Department. This appointment was through the U. K. Ministry of Overseas Development.

In 1975 this family of 5 went to Suva Fiji. The employer now was the United Nations Development Program.

In 1978 the family went to Dhaka Bangladesh, to stay for 5 years. Very formative years for each member of the family.

In 1984 Ian went to Bhutan in the Himalayas for 4 months but these 4 months lead to an assignment for 2 years, 1985-1987.

A year in West Africa – Accra Ghana.

5 years back in Nairobi to complete his career.

He retired in 1995 and lived in Dublin until moving to Ballard Seattle in 2010.


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