Viking Voyages

Vikings established a number of settlements along the coast of Ireland.  According to today’s edition of The Daily Chronicle, the in-house publication here at Ida Culver Broadview, it was on July 10 988 when the Vikings first sailed up the Liffey and founded a settlement, which grew to be the City of Dublin.

Ten years or so ago in 2007  I followed the journey of the Sea Stallion and watched the ship sail up the Liffey to reach modern Dublin.  It was very exciting to watch the finale of this re-enactment of a voyage made almost 1000 years ago, the difficult voyage  from Denmark to Dublin.  We were part of a very large cheering and welcoming crowd.


My Autobiography In 300 Words

I’ve started writing –  I was born in Boston Massachusetts on December 7, 1936.  My 3 older siblings had gone to school that day per usual.  My sisters Ruth and Nan were 6th and 5th graders in Payson Park Elementary School. They were called to the principal’s office and given the happy news that they had a new baby sister.  Ruth suggested that I be named Janet

IMG_0003   my mother and father, married on December 28, 1935

IMG_0002 Spring 1937  on our back door steps                     my mother holding me, my siblings seated from left to right Nan age 9, Bob age 12, Ruth age 10.     I need Ruth to remind me of the cat’s name – possibly Blackie