Trumbull – Dear YOU: (2) – Christmas 1944 Never Arrived – May 20,1945

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

APG - Langeres, France - 1945

Lad in Langres, France, 1945

Page 2     5/20/45

L.S.M.F.T. we hear quite frequently over the radio these days. I asked Jean the other night what it meant and she told me “Lucky Strikes mean fine tobacco.” Of course I knew all the time what it really meant but how the broadcasting station got hold of it beats me. The real answer is “Lad sends mail frequently thesedays.” (An odd coincidence – Lad smoked Lucky Strikes for most of his life, until he quit when he was in his 60’s.)  And just to prove it, this week another arrived at my office. It was dated May 6th, and said: “Pop, old Boy – how are you honestly feeling? I’ve had a cold which I got sometime last week, but it is diminishing in severity each day and today I feel better than yesterday. In about a few days, (that’s pinning…

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