Reunion With Katerina

Eight months ago we left our house to move here to Ida Culver Broadview. What a wrench. I missed our home and I missed our cat Katerina most of all. A neighbor very kindly said she would look after Katerina, and another neighbor was standing by to care for Katerina as well. Eight months have gone by and I have sort of got over missing Katerina. I knew full well that I cared for her more than she cared for me. Cats are different from dogs!

Katerina in friendlier times

When I arrived at the house Katerina was near the front door and she walked away, looking over her shoulder to observe me. She then went into the shrubbery between our house and the neighbors. I tried to coax her to return – and she did but she was wary. When I tried to pat her she moved away and jumped up on the fence and eventually became more interested in a squirrel that was further down the garden.

Maybe I’ll have better luck if I can go back again before another gap of 8 months!

Today I just had a short period of time but I found my Norwegian dictionary and a lot of yarn and one of Ian’s paintings and a miscellany of other items. It was great to be out for something other than a medical appointment!