Occupations of My Ancestors

Sir William Harpur, my 13th Great Grandfather, 1496-1573. He was Lord Mayor of London

Thomas Lumley, 1408-1485. The husband of my 13th Great Grandmother, Baroness Margaret de Harrington, 1416-1475. He was the Governor of Scarborough Castle for Life

James How Sr., 1598-1702 James was a weaver from Hertfordshire. He came to Massachusetts in 1635, first living in Roxbury. He moved to Salem in 1649. He died 1702, age 104. His daughter-in-law was accused of witchcraft. She was tried and executed in 1692.

Thomas James Bate – King’s Haberdasher for King Edward IV. He also lists Knight as his occupation. He was my 14th Great Grandfather. He lived from 1440-1485

Sir Robert Perrot – 14th Great Grandfather , 1485-1550. He was a composer at Oxford.