More Occupations in My Family Tree

Myles Standish was a Military Adviser with the Rank of Captain. He lived from 1584-1656. He was my 8th Great Grandfather. Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. One of the original settlers.

Thomas Dexter was a Miller. He was my 9th Great Grandfather. His grist mill, DexterGrist Mill, was built in 1637. He is buried in the Oliver Family Tomb in Kings Chapel Burying Ground in Boston. Born in 1594, died in 1686.

Sir Thomas MacIssac, 1306-1369, was the Town Clerk of Aberdeen (Scotland). He was my 18th Great Grandfather (by marriage).

Trumbull – Dear Convalescents (1) – Extract of Guion (Dan and Ced) – July 16, 1944

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

This letter from Grandpa to his scattered flock contains excerpts from letters he has received in the last week. It is quite a collection and it will take two days to finish the letter. Enjoy.

Trumbull, Conn., July 16, 1944

Dear Convalescents:

As your medical advisor I am recommending this week a full dose of extract of Guion, consisting of vitamins DBG, CDG, MIG a substitute for APG, (at the moment unobtainable) and DPG, to be taken with a little water, before, after or between meals.

DBG - Dan only (cropped) fron Ced, Dan and car - 1941

Extract of DBG. (Daniel Beck Guion)(July 3, London) Gone completely is the idyllic lull about which I wrote so enthusiastically a few weeks past, and in its place has come a period which keeps us too much on our mettle to indulge in languid philosophy. Now we are engulfed in a realism which focuses war in sharp, unmistakable images, exciting… significant… decisive. The…

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