Ancestor Count Climbs

My family tree is getting ever larger. The ancestor count now stands at 21,604. I found 2 Kings today. King Edward IV of England, 1442-1482, was my 14th Great Grandfather. And Rene Due de Anjou, Duke of Lorraine, King of Sicily and Jerusalem, 1449-1480, was my 15th Great Grandfather. Picture to follow (when I work out the technology for transferring the picture shown on

Eight Countries, 62 Years – Two Countries, 21 Years

A collection of reminiscences – it’s time to write the next segment. When I was 62 I wrote a 112 page book of memories and reflections on my life to date. Now I am almost 84 – it’s time to write again and concentrate on the missing segment – now the title could be 2 countries, 21 years. A lot has happened in the intervening years from when I was in my early 60’s leading up to now. When I lie in bed at night I reflect on topics such as this.

This is a page from the Harvard Yearbook Class of 1932. One of the young men was my neighbor a few years later.