A Friend With Roots In Northern Ireland

I was in my early years – little did I know that my friendly neighbor Nellie Crowley had ancestral roots in County Antrim Northern Ireland. (20 plus years later I was to marry a man with deep roots in County Antrim Northern Ireland.). Nellie’s parents, Robert and Ellen had come to America in the 1870’s and married in Cambridge Mass in 1875.

Robert Fawcett married Ellen Foster. They had 2 daughters – Edith born in 1878 and Nellie born in 1880.

Nellie’s parents Robert and Ellen Fawcett were from Ireland – presumably from County Antrim where the name Fawcett was commonly found.

Ellen died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1907.

In 1908 Nellie married Herbert Crowley. Herbert’s family had also originated in Ireland but had emigrated to Maine early in the 1800’s. I’m not certain where the Crowley name was common in pre-Partition Ireland (before 1922).

A Pause To Remember An Old Friend

Thinking of friends I knew in Ireland, I searched the internet for a weaving friend I used to know in Ireland. I found her right away. Sadly, Sophie Twigg, passed away peacefully in May 2013, age 83. Donations to the Alzheimer Society. I have fond memories of Sophie. A gentle woman living in the wilds of County Wicklow. She loved family, nature, animals. She lived the country life. And I loved visiting her in her home in County Wicklow, and hear the braying of her donkey. In a way I envied her lifestyle. She was kind. We shared a lot. Even though we lost touch with the passing of the years, I am sad to learn of her death. May she Rest in Peace.

Flying Leap off of a Power Plant Hot Air Duct

Power Plant Men

Favorites Post #82

Originally posted January 31, 2015

I was standing in the elevator on my way to the control room from the electric shop the morning of October 11, 1995 when a strange call came over the radio.  It sounded like Danny Cain, one of the Instrument and Controls Technicians on my team (or crew, as we used to call them before the reorganization).  Most of what he said was garbled, but from what I could catch from Danny’s broadcast was that there was a man down on a unit 2 hot air duct.  Danny’s voice sounded as if he was in a panic.

About that time, the elevator door opened and I stepped out.  I thought to myself… “Hot Air Duct?”  Where is a hot air duct?  I had been running around this plant since 1979 when they were still building the plant, and for the life of…

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