Ancestors on my Family Tree

I have been adding ancestors to my family tree – Janet’s Family Tree – on These ancestors range from 8th Great Grandfather (or 8th Great Grandmother) to as far back as 13th Great Grandfather (or 13th Great Grandmother).

One set of Grandparents has 2 people. A grandfather and a grandmother

Two sets of Grandparents consists of 4 people. 2 Great Grandfathers and 2 Great Grandmothers

Four sets of Grandparents consists of 8 people 4 Great Grandfathers and 4 Great Grandmothers

and so the numbers keep doubling

1 Grandfather

2 Great Grandfathers

4 Great Great Grandfathers

8 Great Great Great Grandfathers

16 Great Great Great Great Grandfathers

32 Great Great Great Great Great Grandfathers

64 6th GGF’s

128 7th GGF’s

256 8th GGF’s

512. 9th GGF’s

!024. 10th GGF’s

2048 11h GGF’s

4096 12th GGF’s

4192. 13th GGF’s

8384. 14th GGF’s

16,768. 15th GGF’s

33,536. 16th GGF’s


So when I identify an ancestor by saying he was my 8th Great Grandfather – there were 255 other 8th Great Grandfathers

This man became my maternal grandfather. He is holding my mother as a newborn.
Again my future grandfather with his 3 young daughters
My mother and my aunt in England in 1934 – a trip to England and France, shortly before they married in 1935 and 1936
The 3 sisters – my mother and Aunt Libby and Aunt Alice – with Auntie (my grandfather’s sister) – and the next generation as children – me (Janet) and cousins Kitty, Betsy, Bill, and Bob.
Auntie (my grandfather’s sister), me and my cousin Betsy, and Grandma Friend
My Great Aunt (Auntie) and her brother My Grandfather

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