Strange Dream

I was playing golf with Mildred Sargent. Mildred isa friend from my lawn bowling years in Dublin. Our golf match was going well and I was doing beautifully, nearing the end of a good round. Then, things suddenly started to fall apart. Everything went wrong. I was over the green, I whiffed, my club head was damaged, I putted short, I putted long – my score sky rocketed. Mildred meanwhile stayed steady and even pulled ahead sinking long putts from off the green. The players behind us played through as we fumbled around looking for my lost ball – after another errant shot. My mother was in the twosome playing through. I was pretty disappointed over the collapse of my good round. Further my two wood was damaged and when I took it to the pro shop no one paid any attention to me about repairing it.

Now all I can manage is knitting.

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