Genealogy Adventure

Thanks to I have now identified my 23rd Great Grandfather. Gilbert De Wetenhale Warner, 1190-1240. Born in Cheshire England. Now I can identify all the more with those Ellis Peters novels of rather gruesome medieval battles in Wales and England. Sends shivers down my spine.

My husband Ian had a beloved maiden cousin Eileen Dickson. Not an Aunt but she was sort of thought of as an aunt. She and Aunt Anna were 2 sweet old ladies who lived close to where Ian grew up in Belfast. I first met them in 1968 and became very fond of them both. Cousin Eileen was a great reader and she was particularly fond of Ellis Peters books. I found it hard to understand how she could like these books where medieval violence was so graphically portrayed.

Ellis Peters was a pseudonym. She was born Edith Mary Pargeter, 1913-1995. She is the author of the very popular Brother Cadfael series. Possibly it was the Brother Cadfael books that Cousin Eileen was reading. At the time I knew cousin Eileen, I was only familiar with the more graphic medieval books by this author.

Katerina’s Double?

A postcard image but she has very similar markings to Katerina
Katerina – my former cat who now roams the neighborhood where we used to live

What prompted this post was my sighting of another cat with similar markings. This was a visiting cat that I had heard about but had not actually seen. I spotted the wandering Calico cat from my 3rd floor window as I raised the blinds this morning. She was walking through the shrubs on a path to one of the other buildings here at Ida Culver Broadview. There is a cat named Oliver who belongs to one of the residents. Oliver encourages other outside non-resident cats to visit. I will name the one I saw this morning Katerina 2 – and think happy thoughts of the real Katerina.

Power Plant Blackbirds and Smokestack Jumpers

Power Plant Men

Favorites Post #96

Originally posted November 16, 2013:

Most of us have watched the Alfred Hitchcock Thriller “The Birds” at least once in their life. When I was young it used to come on TV around Thanksgiving about the same time that Wizard of Oz would rerun. What a mix of movies to watch after eating turkey in one of our Italian relative’s house in Kansas City as I was growing up. During those years of sitting passively by watching the birds gang up on the humans, it never occurred to me that some day I might take part in my own private version of “Blackbird Wars” amid the playground equipment found in a typical Coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma.

Blackbirds in Alfred Hitchcock's "Birds" Blackbirds in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds”

A tale like this is best starts out with the line, “It was a cold and windy night…” That was close. My story…

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Adding to My Family Tree

This image is associated with one of the ancestors I have recently found to add to my family tree. I am finding quite a few “new” ancestors, dating mostly from the 16th and 15th centuries and mostly from the British Isles. It’s quite exciting. I now have identified more than 23,000 ancestors. That tree is bending under the weight.