Watching The Seniors

We are watching the senior tour this morning. What tour – GOLF What a joy to see these old favorite players. Yes, they have aged along with us. V.J. Singh, Mark O’Meara, Ernie Els, Jim Furyck, to name a few.

This is not the 16th at Oakley Country Club, Watertown Massachusetts. Where I played in my youth. No I’ve borrowed an image which reminds me of that 16th hole. It’s actually an image of the home of the Overend sisters in Dundrum, Dublin Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Watching The Seniors

  1. On a hot day like today – we are now the last day of July 2020. The threat of the Corona Virus has us more or less confined to our apartment. I wear a mask when I go to check the mail. Our mail box is at Level 1 of this building. We are on Level 3. If it’s not too hot I take a little walk outside, no golf anymore.


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