Trumbull – Dear Sons (1) – Quotes From Dan and Grandpa’s response – May 6, 1945

Such a joyful letter.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

 We have arrived in May, 1945. Grandpa has heard from 3 of his 5 sons this week and he quotes them all and responds to their quotes in a 4-page letter.

Dan in uniform @ 1945

Trumbull, Conn., May 6th, 1945 (verging on V-Day)

Dear Sons:

For the past several days we have been in a tense mental state expecting every hour to hear over the radio or indicated through tooting of horns and factory whistles that the last final surrender has been announced by Gen. Eisenhower. The only comparable feeling is that which I have experienced several times of the expectant father anxiously pacing the floor in the wee sma’ hours of the morning waiting for the doctor or nurse to announce whether it is a boy or girl and how the mother came through the ordeal. We are optimistic and quite sure of the result but we want to hurry it up…

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