Collecting More Ancestors

I’ve recently added to my ancestor numbers.  My family tree now has 21,181 people on the branches.  I’ve identified individuals as far back as the 13th century.  e.g. a 20th great grandmother born in 1285 in Selkirkshire Scotland – Isabella De Synton

My ethnicity reported in an earlier blog has now been altered slightly – has Ancestry devised new and different tests on the saliva sample I sent several years ago?  So now instead of having Norwegians in my past,  I am told they lived in Sweden.  So why did I attend Norwegian language classes?  All along I should have been studying Swedish.   My teacher has sent condolences re this new information.  Well at least I’m still in Scandinavia.


One thought on “Collecting More Ancestors

  1. Oh dear Janet, toO bad on the loss of your Norskie heritage:( How lovely Ed could send his condolences. Hopefully no hard feelings and you will still be permitted into class should you wish to return!


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