Wearing A Mask

Wearing a mask – that’s the massage in these days of the alarming and increasing spread of the Corona Virus.  I have several different masks which I can choose to wear when I go out of our apartment.  My favorite is a BLACK one.  I can’t show you a selfie wearing my black mask because I haven’t worked out how to transfer photos from my phone to my computer.  It’s all a learning process as I return to blogging.  Oh well, as my husband says, it keeps me off the streets!  (Ha, we are not allowed to go out to the street – Ida Culver rules to keep the virus at bay.). Below is a picture just for fun.


Another computer related update – the missing mouse that was found doesn’t work.  A technical glitch.  So my tech adviser no. 1 is ordering another mouse due to arrive tomorrow.  That saga continues.

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