Where To Start

I have so much to write about today it just makes me dizzy not knowing where to start. O.K. Here it comes. First I lost my keys – the keys to my upstairs apartment. I was in the apartment when it happened. I ransacked the place looking for them. They had to be in that apartment somewhere. I enlisted the help of a friend. She looked everywhere several times over. We were on the brink of giving up when……….da da she asked “have you checked your pockets” for the umpteenth time. Duh…..I checked my back pocket – click – my keys were FOUND. There they were in my back pocket. We had a good laugh and a big hug! Did I ever feel foolish – particularly as I had had a similar experience in Fred Meyer several years ago. Oh well.

Searching for the missing…………

2 thoughts on “Where To Start

  1. It happens. Like Yetismith, I locked the keys to my car in the trunk once. Had to hitchhike to Fort Knox, break into my locker to get my spare set, and hitchhike back before I could drive back to base.


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