The Lost Is Found

Do you ever hunt and hunt for a missing item and then suddenly find it in a less than obvious place? That happened to me this morning. The missing object was my alarm call button which usually hangs on a cord around my neck. My husband has one too. Well this morning he had his alarm in place but where was mine? I searched and searched in all the obvious places. About an hour into the morning I saw that my husband in fact had 2 alarms around his neck. How did that happen?? Never mind – my missing alarm was found.

Not guilty?

A Quiet Day

What a quiet day we had here at Assisted Living. Our “celebration” was muted to say the least. I had dinner in the dining room with 6 others – my spouse was asleep back in our apartment. He ate a cold meal on a tray later in our apartment. A quiet afternoon reading and sleeping with an early “light dinner” at 5 P.M. I think there were 4 of us. All sounds rather bleak but in fact I was fine with the “quiet” day. It was a rainy day and I had a good book. I wishI I had some knitting – will try to remedy that tomorrow.

Here in Seattle 2021 just wasn’t the year for a festive family gathering with all the trimmings.

Would I have preferred a Lobster Roll?
Have chicken instead of turkey?

The Pilgrims going to Church in Plymouth