Navigating Between Roadblocks

I am not even sure of a proper title for this blog entry. But I am wending my way among numerous roadblocks. I will try to find an appropriate photo to illustrate this dilemma.

First there is the wise squirrel from the website Peter’s Pondering.
One of my favorite photos – Picasso and his cat

These kittens are befuddled also

Our Third Born Son Is Coming Today

As I write he is in the air winging his way to Seattle. I hope he is in the mood to sort out all the tangles of Assisted Living for two old geeks.

Plants at the entrance to our apartment – the container on the right was given to us by said 3rd born and his wife when we moved in almost 2 years ago. Thanks to COVID we haven’t been visited in person by most of our family. Thanks to modern technology we still know what we all look and sound like.

A very old photo of Janet (me) using an Amstrad computer (?) in our home in Ireland

Our little family 50+ years ago in St. Lucia