Happy Thanksgiving, November 25, 2021

Here we are Thanksgiving Day 2021. Who would have thought we would be spending this Thanksgiving day in an “old folks home”. Maybe it’s just as well one doesn’t have a crystal ball in younger years. Still we have much to be thankful for. A loving family and good care in our advancing years.

We will probably spend this day quietly. I am very happy that I am now properly connected to the internet after our move from the 3rd floor down to the 1st floor. General wisdom says that any move is stressful and this one was no exception. But the “wrinkles” are gradually getting sorted. I even had my newspapers delivered to our new floor today!

The last(?) problem is to get my scanner working properly so that I can share my latest postcard acquisitions with you. Wait for it.

We have a good view of the squirrels scampering about outside. (Photo credit to Pete’s Pondering)
Does this photo convey a feeling of confusion? (Photo credit to the internet)

A Tribute To Arla – 1933

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

???????????????????????????????Grandpa’s wife, Arla, passed away at the age of 42 from a prolonged battle with, what we believe, was cancer. She left 6 children, the oldest, Lad, my father, who was 19 and the youngest, Dave, who was 7 at the time. She left a void that would never be filled, especially as Grandpa and the older boys struggled to earn enough money to support the household and repay the tremendous outstanding debts occurred by Arla’s illness.

These are a few of the letters of condolence received by Grandpa after Arla’s death. They provide a glimpse of Arla as a friend in addition to the view we have had as a wife and mother.

King Caesar Road

Duxbury, Massachusetts


Dear “Al”,

Before coming down here the other day I noticed in the Bridgeport paper the sad news of your wife’s death.

I know this has come as a terrible…

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Trumbull – Dear Dan and Dave (4) – A Morale Booster Shot – November 11, 1945

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

Page 4 11/11/45

Dear Dave:

Got your letter this week, old son, dated Nov. 1st and wish I could say something that would lift the morale a bit, but I guess it will take more than words to accomplish this. Only a trip home apparently would be the effective remedy for your trouble, although the fact remains that all the concentrated love and affection combined from all of us and our sympathy in your predicament and the fight we know you must be putting up to do your job right anyway, may help to let you know we are with you in spirit. Disappointments such as you are facing now do come to us all from time to time through life and the best way I have found to meet them is with a smiling face, hard as it may be to smile, and resolutely look at the pleasanter phases…

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