Eureka – I have the SOLUTION

I have unlocked my laptop computer! What a joy. I was really in attack mode and would have solved it myself eventually but son David came to the rescue. He has all my passwords and he had the key , presto, to open the computer. In all this I learned a few things too.

Music is the answer – very soothing in times of stress

A Three Dog Problem by S.J. Bennett – An unfortunate death and a wandering painting leads to a royal investigation

Northern Reader

A Three Dog Problem: The Queen investigates a murder at Buckingham Palace: Bennett, SJ: 9781838774820: Books

A Three Dog Problem by S.J.Bennett

“The Queen investigates murder!” It’s a headline that has never appeared, but in Bennett’s world of palaces, dogs and a huge band of people who make royal life work, Queen Elizabeth II takes more than a passing interest in the unexplained events that take place in that world. This is the second book in a series of cleverly constructed mysteries, where “the Boss” may not do the hands-on investigating, but knows how to ask various people to do so on her behalf, very discreetly. This book relates to the events of the first book in passing, and develops some characters introduced, but is so well written that it stands alone. Yes, there is some difficulty with the basic premise that a ninety year old woman, who is probably the most photographed person in the world over her lifetime, could quietly gain enough exclusive information…

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I walk through the same corridors

Reena Saxena

I walk through the same corridors again
hearing sounds of cackling, raucous laughter

in pure defiance – who cares what they say?

labels are giddy-headed, immature
an exciting life ahead to be lived
dreams are a birthright, whatever you say

I walk through the same corridors again
recalling encouragement, ridicule
dreams embalmed in concrete – to live again

I think of how our teachers saw us then
Today, I struggle to find a reason
to indulge in cackling, raucous laughter

I walk through the same corridors again
count each step, re-examine the mindset
It tells me what life is all about – Dreams

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