Frantic Trips

I have snuck out of our downstairs apartment to retrieve some things from our upstairs apartment. I usually leave the door of apartment 1 open so that the staff can make sure my husband is okay in my absence. But I didn’t do that today as there are some residents roaming about and if they were to wander in to say hello to my husband, he would not be happy.. We live in a Memory Care part of this facility and any one familiar with persons who have dementia will understand. Need I say more?

I also only have access to the internet tin the upstairs apartment, hence a quick stab o write this blog.

A dog and 3 kittens – from my postcard collection

Extra Problems

HereI am trying to solve one problem and another one or more pop up. As I told you previously we are in the process of moving from Floor3 down to Floor 1 in our Assisted Living place. Not as easy as you might think. We have moved to a smaller apartment, not designed to accommodate all our clutter. But there will be more care needed by my husband. There are wrinkles galore to sort out.

Katerina is good at puzzles

Sadly our cat Katerina is not with us to supervise the move. But she is well looked after in her new home in our old neighborhood in Ballard.