The Computer Is Mixed Up

It couldn’t possibly be me could it? I am having a hard time sorting things out between my laptop and my tabletop computers. So failing to get back to my old way of posting I have improvised and am now working with my table top. the only trouble is that part of this set up is rather wobbly. Good for a laugh any how.

Inside looking out

This isn’t quite the image I was looking for to portray the situation. Maybe I should stop now so I don’t get in even more of a muddle – looking for special notebooks with passwords. Passwords are all important!!


Don Ostertag: Off Stage

HOGAN’S HEROES was a weekly prime sitcom consisting of 168 episodes running from 1965 until 1971. Set in a German POW camp, it’s humor revolved around an inventive group of Allied POW’s outwitting the inept group of German overseers. It scripts and cast continue to amuse us even today on cable.

This reblog is from 2014. While it doesn’t deal with the TV show directly, it hits on my experience of the show’s acceptance on 2 former POWs and also a time Leonard Nimoy asked a question..,and was sorry he did..

One reason for the reblog is the excellent work being done by John Holton in his blog The Sound of One Hand Clapping. After a post on the Allied characters/actors, and another on the German characters/actors, John is writing a complete synopsis of each of the 168 episodes. Fine, entertaining writing, whether or not you are familiar with the…

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